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Our Team

Clare Warren

The heartbeat of Archway, USHJA Certified Trainer Clare Warren is a prominent figure in the Hunter Jumper industry. With over 35 years of experience teaching horsemanship, she believes that good riding comes from education, determination, patience and many hours “in the saddle." 

Clare maintains an equally high standard for her horses, incorporating both holistic and traditional practices in the feeding and sports medicine program. She brings in the best group of veterinarians, farriers and sports therapy professionals to keep the equine athletes performing at their best.

Corene Smith

Taking after her mother Clare’s passion and love for horses, second-generation rider Corene brings unparalleled knowledge and experience to Archway Equestrian. She began her riding career in the pony divisions at the tender age of six, advancing through the Equitation ranks and later, in her professional career, to the Grand Prix Level. She has trained horses and riders for over 15 years. Whether it is young prospect or the seasoned show horse, Corene’s ability to adapt to different horses and recognize what challenges they need to overcome is unrivaled. She strives to maintain a level of fun during her training sessions. This approach allows each horse to be more successful and happy athletes. Because of her knowledge of various riding levels and types of horses, Corene guides riders through each phase of their development with precision and patience.

Laina Paterson

Laina is a Seattle native and graduate of the Archway Program. She progressed up the ladder of the junior ranks from the ponies and into the equitation and jumpers.  After receiving a B.Sc. with Honors from University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Laina moved to Belgium, gaining experience in the European system, from breeding and handling young horses, to sales, and showing. Upon return to the US, Laina worked for top hunter-jumper barns in the Pacific Northwest before returning to the Archway family.